Chat 4 Jan 45,640 notes If you ever sent me a message and I didn't respond, there is a 99.99% chance this happened
  • Me: Hmmm, that's an interesting question. I'll try to find the kind of thoughtful response this deserves while I browse my dashboard.
  • Me: Haha, you're too big to fit in that cup, kitty.
  •  *A month passes and I become too embarrassed to respond late.*
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copturd said: hello, merry christmas!

Haha! And Merry Christmas to you too!

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This is the best explanation I could come up with for why it takes me so long to do updates sometimes when, at other times, I’m typing them up like clockwork.

this, except also imagine a pile of green and red dots off to the side in a basket labeled “shit, these are important but where do I put them”

I was going to make a post explaining things like other personal projects and why Wound Down & Stopped is taking so long to conclude, but then I found this instead.

(ps, I love all of you)

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Spideypool sketches

Text 19 Jul Working on that whole writing thing

Unfortunately, it is currently hotter than satan’s right nut over here, so things are running a bit slow. At 1.25/5 as far as segments for the next chapter go, so hopefully I’ll have something out AT LEAST by the end of the month. It’d be nice to finish this in sync with the story’s timeline, but if I’m realistic, I’m gonna have to shoot for an August completion

Text 23 Jun 3,373 notes Five things to bear in mind when writing Jade Harley
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Sometimes I yell and shake my cane at the internet though.

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shinjaninja said: Seeing that you updated Wound Down & Stopped today totally made my day, I have to say. (I love Dave's interactions with Dad a lot, unf)

Glad to finally deliver.

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*stealthily nightposts when no one’s looking*

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spencerspoopywright said: Hey! I just read your Run series, and I was curious about whether you were continuing it or not?

It’s on indefinite hiatus which is basically…I want to continue it, but I don’t know when I’ll continue it. What happened was my original direction for it ended up being a little too similar to where O Phantoms went, and I hate repetition so I need to do some replotting. However, in terms of works, b/c this replotting is stumping me a bit, it’s been muscled down pretty low on my priority list in favour of other stories that have clearer conclusions ahead of them.

So it’s sort of an eventually-maybe situation, and I’m sorry to everyone who’s enjoyed the series thus far.

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